„Violence Under the Guise of Art“
or „Third Reich Recycling“ (updated version)
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Herbert Kuhner
Violence Under the Guise of Art
or Third Reich Recycling

Herbert Kuhner, the writer, is in a sense a historian.
His life story runs parallel to history and illustrates that history
is too serious matter to be left exclusively to bona fide historians.
“In 1935, the year of his birth, the Nuremberg Laws were imposed in Germany.
In 1938, when he was three years old, “The doorbell rang and I ran to the door
and opened it. My mother swept me away as two men in street clothes entered.
One of them, I remember clearly, wore a brown suit and limped.
The other was thin and balding and wore a grey suit.
They searched the apartment. The brown-suited man pushed my grandmother,
who was eighty-three away from the sideboard in order to ransack it.
And indeed it contained her shopping money.”
(from Felled by Friendly Fire, a Memoir)
– Peter Malina, historian


Experiences I had in very young years in Third-Reich Austria and returning later, have enabled me to attain a personal insight into post-war and present-day events in the land of my birth. There are similarities in the German and Austrian approach to National, but also considerable differences.

Much has been written about the days when the Third Reich officially ceased to be, but a scrutiny of certain facets of the aftermath and aftereffects of National Socialism in Austria is called for. I could not help but delve and I have been gathering material over the years.

The Core

I wanted to get to the core and have been gathering material over the years, delving into aspects that have not yet been brought to the fore.

Herein I present aspects of the shadow and echo of bygone days that in some respects have not gone by.

The quotations listed and the situations described are so apparent that they simply invite comparisons and actually make a commentary superfluous. However, since words are my business, I could not resist attempting to elucidate.

Perhaps I have succeeded in providing a piece of the puzzle. Repercussions are invariably a confirmation and indeed, they have been forthcoming. The blocking by the political and cultural powers-that-be has been airtight Included was an „official” interrogation and the threat of incarceration.

The pernicious spirit of the Third Reich has been skillfully channeled into the arts, flowing with great ease, with no end in sight. Its advocates operate under the sacred carapace of art, while journalists bow low in abject approval and politicians dance to their tunes.

Was it „only“ women that the host served up!


The spectrum includes violence towards man and beast, as well as child abuse. Here two participate elucidate:

“Blasphemy, obscenity, charlatanism, sadistic excesses, orgies, the aesthetics of the cesspool are our moral means. That includes rape and murder. Murder is an integral part of sex. It will soon become an ethical necessity to rob banks and to shoot a random cripple down.”
– Otto Mühl, Actionist

“Mühl’s specialty is minors and sex, and my specialty is the agonizing torture of animals….I could well envision that murder could be a component of a work of art. Killing was and is beyond all moral judgments.
– Hermann Nitsch, Actionist

Georg Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Profil: “Some gentlemen in high places – we have heard – visited Mühl in order to have themselves served by wild women.”

Yes, here we have a statement by a bonafied journalist. Mühl was not only but a doer, but a provider.

Was it „only“ women that the host served up!